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NPS Faculty


Our faculty are PhD prepared or Masters Level clinicians with post graduate degrees in education. All of our faculty are Canadian nurse practitioners that have been prepared at U.S. institutions and are faculty members of New York State Colleges and Universities. Our faculty members have experience as clinicians both in Canada and the United States. Our faculty member's experience includes pharmocology and pathophysiology at both the undergraduate and graduate level, psychiatric, geriatrics, community nursing, geriatric, pediatric, neonatal, chronic disease management, trauma, burn, medical surgical, critical care.


Our faculty are prepared to prepare.


The difference is easy to see.


NPS President


Theresa Hurd is the president and CEO of Nursing Practice Solutions Inc. Theresa is currently a faculty member at a New York State nursing school and has expertise in undergraduate and graduate pharmacology, pathophysiology, critical care nursing, trauma nursing, wound care and chronic disease management, trauma and burn. Theresa has worked as a clinician at hospitals throughout Western New York and Southern Ontario, and with NPS she has implemented programs, changed practice, and educated nurses, physicians, and other clinicians across Canada, the United States, the UK, Europe and Australia. Theresa has also been a keynote speaker at hundreds of conferences and symposiums around the world.


Theresa has established the NPS NCLEX team of clinicians and university level educators in order to assist her in delivering the NPS curriculum across Ontario. The group she has compiled are clinicians and educators with backgrounds in delivering nurse education at the university level, preparing students for the NCLEX and creating curriculums and materials that help students succeed.


Theresa and her team of educators deliver all sessions personally. 

Innovative Education & Changing Practice

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