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The NPS Criticality Assessment Tool©™ This tool will prepare your brain to quickly and easily identify and assess NCLEX questions using critical thinking skills you’ll practice in class. The NPS assessment tools will train your brain to identify and assess questions quickly giving you more time to answer correctly!


The NPS Strategy Toolkit©™ Once you’re prepared by NPS there won’t be too many questions on the test you don’t know the answers to! But we’ve taken care of those too, just in case! This toolkit will give you strategies and techniques you need so you can answer questions even when you’re not entirely sure of the answer. The toolkit gives you the line of attack to lead to success. The toolkit also includes strategies and approaches to test anxiety, mental endurance and ensuring you’ve got the best brain possible the day of the test!


The NPS In Class Experience – There are a lot of online NCLEX preparation courses. Companies do this for a reason – it’s cheap and easy for them, and much more work without any guaranteed success for you. Our programs begin with three day in class sessions. These sessions provide you with real time, live NCLEX preparation and practice that teach you to think and apply all that knowledge in your head to succeed on test day. During the in class session you will experience different U.S. educators who will utilize various learning experiences enabling you to practice critical thinking, application and NCLEX strategies.


NPS Ongoing Support – You continue to have e-support with the educators of your sessions. The educators present during your session continue to be available for e-support leading up to test day. 

The NPS Materials used during the 3-day NCLEX Preparation events will enable YOU to learn to apply everything you've already learned to the NCLEX format.


The ongoing support by NPS Faculty will give you expert advice and resources as you continue to prepare for test day. 


Our tool kit prepares you mentally for test day. Combined, the NPS materials will help you PASS the FIRST TIME!


If you're ready to pass the first time and start your career, sign up today or Contact Us for my more information!

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