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The NPS Difference

We're Prepared to Prepare!

Although Canada has only just recently (January 2015) required Canadian nursing students, or candidates to write the NCLEX-RN® in order to become registered nurses, NCLEX has been a requirement in the U.S. since 1994.


Other NCLEX preparation programs taught to Canadian nursing students are taught BY Canadian nurses – most of these NCLEX preparation “teachers” have never even taken the NCLEX exam!


As professors at New York State Universities, our professors have been teaching NCLEX preparation to students for over 15 years! Our professors are not just academics – they are clinicians that have worked in various roles and have specialties in medical surgical nursing, psychiatrics, paediatrics, geriatrics, critical care and trauma.



We’re Prepared to Prepare. The difference is clear. 

Why be prepared by educators that are themselves unprepared? Our educators are U.S. prepared clinicians, with post-graduate degrees in education.


We know the NCLEX. They know how to teach. They have successfully taught hundreds of first time writers to pass the first time.


We’re Prepared to Prepare. The Difference is EASY to see! 

NCLEX Pass Rate 1st Time Writers U.S. (2013)


NCLEX Pass Rate 1st Time Writers Other Countries (2013)


NCLEX Pass Rate 1st Time Writers Canada (2013)


NCLEX Pass Rate 1st Time Writers NPS Prepared (2013 - 2015)


NPS Prepares You

With an up-to-date NCLEX review and manual – this is not like other NCLEX manuals you’ve seen and is not JUST filled with 100’s of test questions. The NPS review and manual includes case studies and applications to prepare you for the type of questions and critical knowledge application practice you’ll experience when you write your NCLEX. It also includes strategies and self directed learning tools. And those 100’s of test questions? It’s got those too! 

Check Out the NPS Difference

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