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The NPS NCLEX preparation is a three day in class program that is held at colleges and universities across Ontario. The NCLEX preparation sessions are usually held once a month.


The three day in class program covers information using the NPS resources to imitate the atmosphere of test day. Content is reviewed by educators who specialize in the categories, utilizing the NPS materials.


All major health categories are reviewed utilize application, practice, and sample test questions. The NPS toolkits are used throughout the class the enable you to practice the NPS strategies and enable your success on test day. The sessions are not just NCLEX test questions – instead you are taught strategies and given tools that will enable you to approach the NCLEX with an collection of methods and operations to guarantee your success!













The preparation does not stop after this 3 day event, you will also learn how to develop a program of study as you prepare for the NCLEX, you will work with your NPS materials as you further prepare and you will have ongoing e-support from your NPS team.


The three day sessions are facilitated by Theresa Hurd and include sub-topics presented by other NPS faculty members. The curriculum has been developed with the best of adult learning techniques, is objective based and include core competencies. Topics included are nutrition, pharmacology, medical surgical nursing, family nursing and psychology. 

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